learners of English language, who

  • want to convert their classroom-level proficiency to a skill usable in real-life; or
  • want to get better acquainted with their non-native language environment; and
  • struggle to find the proper means to productively immerse in the language,

Native by News

is a news aggregation and simplification service and an adaptable language learning app, that

  • makes learning subconscious, tailor-made, fun and appealing;
  • requires little to no additional time - becomes part of regular news consumption;
  • is aimed specifically at more proficient students and those living in environments not native to them.


other high-tech language learning solutions, Native by News

  • provides a continuous stream of real, graded news content - instead of a little classroom material every day;
  • makes the user frequently encounter a tailor-made set of unknown language elements in the form of topics that they consume in their native languages.