You are struggling to improve your English and
can't find the ways, or tools that really help you get better.

Let's change that!
Do you have too little time to improve your English?
Read your articles using Native by News! Same news, simpler language.
Passed the language test, but still don't get what native speakers talk about?
Read the news and understand the culture!
Classroom English is mostly useless?
Build a real-life vocabulary of the topics you like or need (eg. music, schooling, taxes)!
Is it hard to join the conversation?
Be familiar with the current topics native speakers talk about!
Reviewing English words and phrases takes a lot of time and energy?
Meet the same new word in different articles, and remember it effortlessly!
Are interesting topics hard to read about in English?
Reading news at your own level makes learning enjoyable.
Are interesting books, and articles full of new language material?
Just a few new words in every article make learning effortless.
We are building iPhone and Android apps

Lots of real news daily ...

... no classroom material.

Topics you like to read about ...

... in your own language.

In every article ...

… there's just a few new words

so you can enjoy reading ...

… and learning just happens.

News adjusted to your Level!

We believe that everyone
can feel native

native speaker


a person who learned to speak the language of the place where they were born as a child rather than learning it as a foreign language

Merriam-Webster Dictionary



connected with the place where you have always lived or have lived for a long time

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

By using English in meaningful ways

By staying in touch with the Culture

Be native!

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